Donation Marketing

  • Planning of Donation Marketing
  • Providing Click Donation System
  • System Development for Donation Marketing
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Donation Marketing is a marketing method which encourages customers to take actions by utilizing donation as incentive. There are several actions to be taken such as browsing information, participating in survey, purchasing merchandise, etc. Donation Marketing is possible to build in to other marketing strategies such as advertisement, promotional campaign, and branding.
  • Cause Planner

    We support our clients in planning and proceeding effective projects, based on our experience and expertise in Cause Related Marketing.

  • Click Donation

    Social communication system that enables our clients to communicate their CSR, environmental, and social activities with internet users as well as making a social contribution.

CSR Communication

  • Planning of CSR Communication
  • Feedback promotion and analysis
  • Monitor survey by questionnaire
  • CSR Monitor

    Monitor survey service that is to collect effective feedback from our "CSR Monitor" in a short period of time. Service includes feedback analysis and reporting.

  • Feedback Manager

    Communication system that is easy to implement and enables our clients to identify stakeholders needs and concerns by improving interaction of corporate website.

Website & System Development

  • CSR Website creation and renewal
  • Special site creation
  • Providing communication tool
  • Web Innovation

    We support our clients strategically develop corporate website which can effectively communicate their CSR, environmental, and social activities to their stakeholders.

  • WordBank

    Web glossary system to explain CSR and other technical terms which supports stakeholders to understand the website better.

Other Soluions

  • Stakeholder Visualizer

    User access log analysis system which enables our clients to visualize their stakeholders' behaviors - who, when, where, and how.

  • Dynamic Disclosure

    System which shows recommended page lists according to the profile of the stakeholders in order to facilitate CSR communication.

  • Enquete Planner

    Service which enables our clients to conduct a highly responsive questionnaire by customizing the questions according to the profile of the stakeholders.

  • Interactive Report

    Creation service which enables our clients to make CSR information more entertaining and attractive to the stakeholders by utilizing various visual expressions and collect feedback simultaneously.

  • Online Dialog

    By utilizing the advantages of internet, we support our clients to communicate with the targeted stakeholders in a cost effective and a time-efficient manner.